Midnight Slow Jams

Join me, John Aponte, Monday through Friday 12am to 3am for your favorite slow jams. All of your favorites slow jams from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s to today, english and spansish.

"Marley in the morning'

Every weekday morning from 7am to 10am Dave will have you beginning your day with a bright start.

With great morning features such as...
The feelgood hour.. 80s @ 8.. The 5 @ 9
Plus Birthdays.. Theme Tune Memories.. Featured album of the week..

Smiles are contagious, get yours here each morning with
Marley in the Morning at 7 till 10am, Monday to Friday

blast radio shows

Dedicated weekly shows playing some great tunes from the 80s and 90s featuring special guests and regular features. Get in touch wherever you are listening. Blast from the 80s Mondays@2pm; Blast from the 90s Tuesdays@2pm

Groove line

Playing your Motown favorites from the 60s to today, The Groove Line with Ryan Doran. Mondays at 5pm

all about the 80s

It’s the Globally Syndicated All About The 80s with Rob Charles, Tuesdays at 5pm. Reaching every corner of the world with Wi-Fi. The biggest hits from the 80s, is what you will hear on this show.

The Retro show

Music from the best decade ever, Wednesday's at 2pm.

That 70s Sound

That 70s Sound with Dave Edwards explores the popular, and highly influential music, of the 1970’s. Thursday's at 2pm.

Driving anthems

Driving Anthems Show with Bob A. Baker Thursday's at 5pm.

The ryan show fm

The Ryan Show is a multi-media platform airing original content on Friday's at 5pm on Our Neighborhood Radio major and independent radio outlets across the globe. Internationally recognized broadcaster Ryan Verneuille hosts and produces content played on The Ryan Show FM and Fox Sports Rochester's "Whats Going On".

Soul Delicious

The best of old school soul and R&B with Rob Lynch, Saturday's at 10am.

New york's best rock!

Magic Matt Craig plays New York's best rock, Saturdays at 2pm

lynda law soul show

My name is Lynda Law and I am a singer, songwriter/lyricist and radio host.

I am passionate about my songs, my videos and my radio show.

If you like Soul music you are at the right place join me Saturday's at 8pm

33's and 45's

33’s & 45’s is a weekly one-hour show, airing Sunday's at 10am, featuring lost and forgotten singles and album tracks built around a theme. The purpose of this show is to create “Oh yeah, I remember that” moments. Many songs are lost and forgotten at radio today and I try to bring back those memories through music.

Retro Hits & Headlines

Retro hits and headlines with Gill Hardiker Sundays at 2pm.

The electric 80s show

Your one stop music shop for all things 80's, join Gordon Cooper Sunday's at 5pm.

Love songs

Love song's with Bob A. Baker Saturday and Sundays from 12am to 1am.